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With, we can help you raise money with a team spirit fundraiser in 2 ways.  Take advantage of both!

  1. Make your School/Organization Decals Available On-line and You Get Commissions.  Register For a Fundraising Account Below On-Line and Provide Your Logos.  We’ll marquette decals in basement for fundraiserdesign or offer theme sets and images with your logo in high quality big vinyl wall decals that they can buy on our website and you get commissions.  There are no set-up or design costs to you, just send an email to coaches, parents and players and you make commissions on every sale.
  2. Sell Decals on Your Booster Club and Fundraising Tables.  Purchase decals or car stickers at quantity discounts and sell them at great margins at games, booster club events, etc.

With either of these options, simply register your organization below by filling out the form  to register for a fundraiser code and to have your images/theme sets produced.

It’s Free, Great for Team Spirit, and You Gain from Every Sale!

We will contact you with your code to distribute along with the theme sets for your approval.  We need all the information below to set up your account and know where to mail your checks.  Checks will be cut on a monthly basis, or when $50 in commissions is reached, whichever comes later.

Fundraising Commission on Products are:

  • Order where your code is entered:  10-15%  (10% on all school logo or theme wall decals, 15% on custom die cut player decals).
  • Order where no code is entered:  5% (due to cost of marketing and promotions, so please promote the site and your code to your coaches, students and members by email and social media!)

Step 1 (of 2): Upload Your Logos and Graphics:

Upload Your School’s Logos and graphics you want available for Decals.  Please upload vector files if available, or large images so the end result will be high quality print.  We can offer larger, more clear prints with the proper file sizes.

  • Images Greater Than 2MB.
  • Images Greater than 1500 x 1500 pixels.
  • Images Greater than 250 dpi.

Upload Your Files

Step 2: Provide Your Information to Receive Your Fundraiser Code:

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