Decal/Mural Application Help

Big Wall Decals are produced for clean, dry, interior walls unless otherwise stated on the product.  While the decals are designed to last for years to come, care should be taken in their application and removal.

Here is some installation tips, choose which type of decal you purchased below:

  1. Single Piece Wall Decals
  2. Decals with Detail, Wall Art, Etc.
  3. Wall Murals – Pre-Pasted
  4. Wall Murals – Self-Adhesive

Single Piece Wall Decals

Wipe down your interior wall spot that you want to place the decal and make sure it’s completely dry.  Don’t apply the decals on wet paint or wet walls.  Apply the decal top down by peeling the backing paper slowly and smoothing out the decal with your hand to remove air pockets.  Save the backing paper in case you want to remove it and place it somewhere else later on.

Decals with Detail, Wall Art, Etc.

To install your new wall decal, you will need:

  • A Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Level
  • Tape Measure

Decals with great detail arrive backing paper and transfer paper.

  1. Clean the Wall.  Only apply the decals to clean, dry wall surface or it will not stick properly.
  2. Place the decal on the wall with masking tape across the top.  This will allow you to position and level the decal exactly as you want it.
  3. Remove the backing by starting at one corner and fold the backing as tightly as possible back so the decal adheres to the transfer paper and not the backing paper.
  4. Smooth the decal over the wall with a flat surface with your hand or a flat surface like a credit card.  Work from the middle out.  Be careful not to apply too much pressure, which could tear the decal.
  5. Gently remove the transfer paper.
  6. Smooth the decal out on the wall by hand.

Wall Murals – Pre-Pasted

The installation instructions are attached to a bottom panel of the wall mural.  Watch this short video for installation help.

Wall Murals – Self-Adhesive

Instructions will be mailed with the wall mural.

Video coming soon.